Don’t Tell a Soul (Thriller)

Faris awakes; his wife and sick child missing, a dead body on the floor… he remembers nothing. Thrown into chaos, he suspects everyone… even himself.

The team is Writer/ Producer/ Director Nour Wazzi, Writer BAFTA-winner Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan and Producer Shirine Best. Script is at an advanced stage and currently looking for an established production partner to come on board as well as investors. Budget estimated at $1.5m (£1.2m). Supported by the Doha Film Institute, this suspense-ridden thriller is comparable tonally to Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl‘.

While we have gone in a different direction, the feature was initially inspired by our short ‘Baby Mine‘  starring Alexander Siddig (‘Syriana’, ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, ‘Game of Thrones’). 


Chimera (Sci-fi thriller/ horror) 

A portrait of an idyllic marriage begins to crumble when Remy becomes convinced that her lakehouse is haunted. Due to a history of mental illness, her husband Ira dismisses her mounting terror as delusion. As he distances from her, Remy’s supernatural visions trigger a chilling paranoia that Ira is plotting to kill her. The line between reality and delusion is blurred but as Ira’s lies, deceits and strange behavior escalate, it beckons the question: what is he hiding?

The team is Writer/Producer/Director Nour Wazzi and Co-writer Grant Kempster. Budget =$1.5m (£1.2m)


Insomniac (Sci-fi TV series)

Ian’s life is in ruins… and he can’t sleep. As the promise of another sleepless night begins to smother his sanity, Ian stumbles across a possible cure which he embraces with open arms. But nothing could prepare him for what happens when he next opens his eyes…

Unfortunately we can’t give away too much just yet, so stay tuned!

Writers are Grant Kempster and Dan Schaefer, Producer/Director Nour Wazzi.


Bryceland (Mystery Drama/ Thriller)

A woman on the run plots to steal a cult’s heroin supply to get her life back and soon faces a stark choice.

Writer/Producer/Director Nour Wazzi. Budget estimated at $1m (£850k).


Whisper (Sci-fi thriller) 

Dell, a telepathic hustler who steals and blackmails her way through high society, meets her match in the mysterious Zener – the only mind she cannot read. Dell is introduced to the hidden world of ‘Seers’ and finally finds a sense of belonging. However when she discovers how far they will go to keep their kind hidden, her newfound family soon become her enemies.

Writer is BAFTA-winner Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan, Producer/ Director Nour Wazzi. Budget estimated at $15m.